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good seeing you again. so we wait and wait. here are [ ♪♪ ]

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>> judge jeanine: hello everybody, i'm judge jeanine with harold fuld junior, jesse watters, martha maccallum and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is 'the five'. [ ♪♪ ] >> judge jeanine: the white house is pumping out so dangerously deleted at bidens latest breeze freeze that it would make the drunk and lush. for the third time this week joe bladder froze in public, the presidency gazing motionlessly during a glitzy hollywood campaign fundraiser in los angeles saturday night, forcing his former boss, barack obama, to gingerly leave the old man off the stage like it was bedtime? [ ♪♪ ]

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[ cheering and applause ] >> judge jeanine: but the white house and democrats don't want you to believe your own eyes, they are aggressively pushing back on the notion that our dear leader would ever mentally slip in public by calling it cheap fakes. >> that this is something coming from your part of the world, calling them cheap fakes and misinformation. using deepfakes, manipulated videos and it is again down in bad faith? it's not forget president obama, president biden have a relationship. they are friends, like family to each other. that's what we saw. >> let's talk about it. >> standing up listening to music and on dancing is not a health issue, it just isn't. >> judge jeanine: joe biden

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cognitive lapses are causing the media to lower their expectations for his debate against trump next week. >> the first president will debate is set for june 27th, it feels the bar set for biden declares much more substantially higher than the one trump has to clear which is literally is he alive, is he standing, our words coming out of his mouth? >> judge jeanine: mark that, it is so unfair to have these high expectations of joe biden. according to msn was cp24 he normally, donald trump is literally questionable weather he is alive,'s damning, whether he can get a sentence out? do you believe your lying eyes or not? >> martha: that video is very telling, he said that you thought that maybe he was annoyed because of how former president trump -- obama put his hand on the back, that maybe he

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could have made it look a bit better. but when he turns and walks, is still not out of it. it's on like he's observing the crowd, then you go all, use of walking away, and a cognizant away, it's a big event. this continues to be a problem, a crown of feel bad at this point for pierre that he has to make up these things about deepfakes, i understand in the parachute video there was something going on on the other side you looked at that if this was one video judge, it's just a constant repetition? we see in the polls, people don't feel confident, the air weighed about his agent. it is clear, what joe biden and the obama campaign, because i did not look good. >> judge jeanine: as martha says, we have seen it all before. last week, where was he, at the g7, prime minister of italy had

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to literally drag him away somebody watching out of the sky or whatever it was. >> jesse: he had to be dragged away by the easter bunny judge. jail, harris, now everybody's dragging the man off the stage. if he doesn't know where he's going, how can he tell the country where to go? he keeps on saying watch me and is getting harder to watch. he has special shoes! he has a machine he has to breathe at night! he has a note card that says i am joe biden? and now we're getting this thing that this is a deepfake? republicans donay deepfakes, we don't need edited videos can we don't need the cia. would seem to point a camera and joe biden. that's it. point the camera at the prices, point the camera at the border. the keepsake the selections about democracy, it's about reality. it's reality versus democracy.

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there campaign now, i'm robert, your glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and 60 you. the trump! dr. the trump crime family will lock up their political opponents? defining the police? is barely alive, and barely talked? that kind of projection only works on low information voters, only fires up the hyper partisans on the left. is up all the other day, the expectations for joe biden, have the country think is the man will wonder the wrong way off the debate stage, a journeyman say that because it's already too low. you now have a pole out in iowa guy donald trump is beating joe biden by 18 points? what is that mean for michigan, wisconsin? this looks bad now they're talking what swapping hillary and if you bombs in this debate. >> judge jeanine: you know what harold nobody wants to see that for president but the whole

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idea that their elders think this election is not about age, of joe and the other guy are about the same age, avon for the debate as jason is saying, there going to be seated? you don't even get to see them walk and? they will be seated so that is one less obstacle to worry about for joe biden. >> harold: happy belated father's day everybody watching, good to be back at the table. a couple of things. on the debate this a be the most-watched always a political exercise, notwithstanding his head grade members we have around the table and everybody's respective shows in the history of television. this will have a super bowl like numbers, it'll reach those percentage of voters we talk about, in a small group of voters, 300,000 or so, will ultimately have decided the last three or four election cycles? as a result, i think both sides

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are trying their hardest to disqualify the other candidates and it will only get worse. the rhetoric, the intensity of the rhetoric on both sides will ramp up largely because that's the way you get at those voters and that's the way you should,? to the debates, i cannot wait for the tough, direct questions for real answers. where do you stand on the border? why having not done more on the border? why did you call your party members and asked them to vote against a negotiated settlement around the border? should we do more for israel, less for israel? de believe as we look at supreme court nominees over the next three or four years, will be need a test and what will you do on taxes? both of these candidates will have an opportunity to sure exactly where they stand? and of those 300,000 or 400,000 independent of voters who will

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likely decide this election will be listening, the tens of not hundreds of millions of us, the ability around -- the billion around the world or hundreds of millions want to know where the next leader of the free world will stand on issues that impact them and impact us as a nation, and looking forward to june 27th as much as anybody. >> judge jeanine: they talk about cream john pierre text would cheap fakes got deepfakes, many billing videos to make joe look bad, what is your reaction? >> harold: >> greg: we concede with her own eyes and ears, in the mock people for thinking there is fraud in the election, which is a process that is nontransparent and they laugh at anybody who suspects that there might be something off somewhere, here we concede with their own own eyes and hewed without won't years and they're saying you know, not true, that's manipulated? i would call them joe biden did

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niners? there biden deniers. and i would agree this debate is incredibly important, and is great to see, happy father's day. if you feel it is not important and vital, law would you put up a feeble deteriorating man? what they are trying to do right now, in the current defenses to make joe a sympathetic character. you are picking on him if he talk about his age or his infirmary or whatever you want to call it. the true cruelties not a criticism of joe being out there, the true cruelty is putting joe out there. so if everybody is saying know it's wrong, you are the guys behind it appear! is sick people criticizing trump for criticizing milwaukee crime and prompt -- poverty problem as if that is worse than the think he is criticizing. know it is not. joe is a symbol of national disrepair. look at her america right now, is like that charming house that

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was on the corner cut well manicured hedges, white picket fence, fresh paint but it is fallen into disrepair because a person living into their became isolated, shot and, mentally decimated and he let the house fall to ruins. that's what america feels like. i think what america feel is profound neglect because of this white house is not connected to the american people, they swim in luxury believe sky people are getting murdered by illegal aliens without takes a backseat to trans rights and climate change, is left is ignored biden's mailings and they expect us to ignore them as well. believing that he has four and a half more years? he doesn't have for a half more months. i'm sorry, jimmy carter was probably watching thinking what is that guy doing up there? it's not good, it's not good. i think if you believe that trump is a danger to society,

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you are morally obligated to put a candidate up there that can win, and a candidate that can function, they are not doing that which again leads me to believe, what are they doing? >> judge jeanine: well said. coming up, joe biden reckless open border takes another innocent american life? police of charging an illegal immigrant with the murder of a mother of five? we've moved so far away from the constitution that in many ways we don't even recognize it. in hillsdale college's most popular online

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[ ♪♪ ] >> martha: tough story, another shocking migrant crime into the nation, tulsa police arresting an illegal immigrant who entered the country under biden's watch and it charging him with the current -- horrific

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murder a maryland mom of five children, rachel morin we now know was raped, attacked and killed when she was part -- hiking on a popular road she hiked her whole life in maryland last august, 1800 miles from the southern border. you can see the impact of the border crisis that far away. here is the suspect, illegal immigrant from el salvador, known gang ties, in the report says victor antonio martinez fernandez tried to enter our country three different times through this out and border successful on the fourth attempt in february 2023. a month before that he allegedly killed a young woman in el salvador and was wandered there for homicide. one month into his stay here he goes into a house in los angeles, brutally attacks and 9-year-old girl and her mom, this is a video from the durable camera in the los angeles attack and the sheriff who announced the suspect arrest lasted, our

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broken immigration system. >> tried to come and legally and he was turned away, that did not deter him because we have such a poor border. every citizen in this country, that is a public safety crisis and one that we can so easily fixed by coming up with a workable immigration policy for our country, it is just insane that we would allow things like rage was murdered to happen, we allowed by letting him into this country unchallenged. >> martha: here we go again judge, lake and riley, now rachel morin who should be alive today if we had a system that worked. >> judge jeanine: this is not the first time that we have seen somebody wanted a murder into their own country come in here and murdering an american citizen? every time and i talked about this last week, every time dhs comes out and says to us, we invited them, like they did with

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the guy with the isis connections, one of whom was arrested while they were still here before they figured out they had connections to ices, these people are not being divided? the american citizens are in danger. if you remember the guy from pennsylvania, the one that did that a crab walk up the side of the prison, he was wanted in brazil from murdering his girlfriend then he comes here and it murders his expartner. then we find out that an illegal from venezuela busted six times ongoing charges now facing murder in new york city, el salvador, a guy in prison for murder for 99 -20 one, in prison for murder, charged with murder here, murders somebody and earns their body. what is his tell us? i was grateful to the sheriff who spoke with me a few minutes, he said this is the second time that account to an american citizen, a woman was murdered by

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an illegal. the issues very clear, the numbers are clear. 2023 there were 1700 charges and convictions for homicide? in 2023, 73, 73,000 noncitizens were arrested for crimes. all right? what we have is a crime of problems by illegals, and it is a slap in the face to american citizens when the liberals solution is a, the republicans and democrats have to get together. that is hogwash? you close the border. the solutions not to throw more money to give more judges and ice agents, we just found out that there is one ice agent with 7000 illegals. i don't want more ice agents! wanted to close out border. until you deal with the illegals here, like joe biden just gave the 250,000 of them amnesty last week, then we are as sitting ducks. my question to joe biden, why are you doing this to america?

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why did you make a decision to close the border after trump closed it? why did you cancel his executive orders? we have to say nobody is above the law, or this country can illegals his first back when they come into this country, is to violated the law, then illegals are above the law. how many times did trump get hammered for saying they're not sending it as their best in the truth is, 60 percent of americans want them rounded up and deported. when you vote in november, at volt like your depends on our because it a game only. >> martha: exactly where i was going to go to you, we have heard in the 2015 election starting campaigning in 2015, they're not sending their best trump said. and it seems to me a powerful moment in the debate, which harold brought up, is sadly the images of these individuals who are no longer with us, clearly these people were killed and their lives were taken away by not the best.

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>> jesse: job i should get on the phone tonight and call the victim's family. -- joe biden. these are angel moms and families, you're making a decision as a president to put and woman in harms way, when he passed away, you get on the phone or at least write a letter. 's policies on the border of pouring our people in harms way and you should call the victim's family. he won't but he should? judge jeanine is right. the madness majority of the country want mass to predations. majority of hispanics want mass deportations. it will be tough and it will look bad, i'm sorry, but it has to happen? trump! will have to clean up the message will biden made? he made the border crisis, trump will have to fix it, is going to look bad but it has to be done. i have a driver that lives in queens, and you used to go to the carwash and he is to get his car down there for $20.

9:23 pm

he said there is a guy now there that has the veil with a water tank, and he does a great job, not a speck of dust anywhere, $20. i see that is great. some of these people are doing work. then i thought wait a minute, that's driving down american wages. and you look at cnbc you coming out with his headline, open borders are helping inflation and it driving down wages which is good for the economy. white? how they say that? some of these guys work, some are on a north american crime spree, you cannot take a chance. >> martha: we know we have these venezuelan gangs attacking new york city police officers, if you're working with president biden getting him ready for the debate, what is his answer going to be? if the question is, look at laken riley or morin's mother in the eye, what do you tell her about your policies sir? >> harold: it's a tough

9:24 pm

question. i think you do of what jesse said, you call those families. and then you unfortunately, this issue of the border is more representative i think of how broken our politics is as a country than any, because we have been blaming each other and each party for the last 50 years judge i don't necessarily disagree with you about the call for more agents and to shut the border, but in order to show to the border you will probably need more agents down there to do it at legal entry points. >> judge jeanine: and building the wall would help. >> harold: we should build a wall, we do need more judges because we need a country that should give people an immediate decision -- >> judge jeanine: they should wait in line. >> harold: let me finish. they get in line, is a don't get it, get in line. we don't do that, we should get that done? we want to knowledge it or not it, republicans and democrats live in a system we have defined some agreement between the parties for things to happen for bills to pass, for loss to be

9:25 pm

enacted. even when we think we are exactly right and i sometimes think i'm exactly where an education and exactly right with what to do to produce energy around the country but we don't live in a dictatorship, you to live with a cane, you have to negotiate with parties. whether we like it or not we have a bill, for 40 years we haven't had anything as tough as democrats and republicans negotiated. if president trump is elected in november, he can do whatever he wants to do another bill. joe biden i think waited too long on the executive orders. he should have done them sooner. one of the reasons he said he waited so long is because he thought there would be challenged in court in the way you sustain a law and enjoys constitutional protection is to have congress pass it, to raise the likeliness it to be constitutionally protected. it away tough answer for him to give but hope he gives it, and then i hope you asks trump why didn't you ask you guys until you get to office and zero so confident you will get to that, let's pass the building

9:26 pm

negotiated and put more cops, with close the border, that's builds a wall, we can do some of that before you get into office. >> martha: majorca is probably said we turned around every single law that president trump enacted? and they don't really want to talk about this issue at all. it'll be interesting to see how president biden dodges onto this kind of usually go directly to abortion or democracy under threat. >> greg: oleh focus and how the media is dealing with this, there is no question she is a victim of a depraved killer, which is also victim of tds in the sense that she would be alive they've the democrats had not allowed their emotional hatred towards trump to inform their decisions about immigration. if they had listened to trump she might have been alive but you cannot agree with trump and vide cannot agree with trump. these are one of those crimes in moments that should change

9:27 pm

things because it's the most obvious example of cause and effect policy that leaves innocent people dead yet just rolls barges like laken riley. always rolls by. and that's what gets me to my question, why do some victims matter more than others? they media pigs and chooses their victims based on the muscle of the activists and the activists elevates perceived threats over real ones because he can grow that perception when you can grow numbers, see a democrats believe with the thousands a black man are killed by police which is always a wrong, or hundreds of thousands of trans- teens kill themselves by suicide every year, we know that is wrong, but they still get attention meanwhile a mother of five is killed -- raped and murdered and that barely get any attention except here on fox. do you think that morin's the kids benefited from the

9:28 pm

political leaders a position over climate change and gender pronouns? no, because these luxury believes led to the crime, and the border, the average american's plea for some kind of safety was pushed aside for those luxury believes that are always trendy. but somehow this is not trendy, talking about murders, by illegal immigrants, just is not cool for the media, or the democrats either. >> martha: all right coming up, it is a tale of two campaigns, joe biden hobnobbing with hollywood elites while trump was trying to win over black voters in detroit this weekend of. [ ♪♪ ] i never knew your cat was so cuddly. right, she really loves these delectable squeeze up treats. deliciously, de-lick-able delectables. you're hilarious. delectables squeeze up. ♪ deliciously de-lick-able delectables ♪

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star-studded a fundraiser while donald trump was in the inner-city, when the president wasn't glitching out on stage he was hobnobbing with tinseltown's biggest stars like george clooney, and julia roberts who headlined the fundraiser for the big guy, raking in $30 million? on the same day, trump was in detroit, michigan preaching the maga gospel in getting this warm welcome from the pastor. >> president obama never came to the hood, so to speak, right? president joe biden went to the big dinner but never came to the hood so thank you? >> mr. trump: he is the worst president in the history of our country and you know what he's been the worst president for black people, always save the auto industry and we will be building all the car is, not just electric cars, it's ridiculous. crime is most rampant right here in african-american communities, and more people see me and they say sir, we want protection.

9:34 pm

>> jesse: so trump goes to the hood, biden is that a hollywood fundraiser with that george clooney is a societal again? >> greg: i believe it is! thank god trump did not get some kind of impersonation like hillary and joe did whenever there in front of a certain audience, of the spectacle of hollywood versus trump rallies for example speaks to glaring contrast, trump relies on himself to pull in a crowd, joe biden has to rely on an army of boldfaced celebrities or nobody would attend. we know that it. and then you see who supports each side. on trump it is people who were directly affected by the policies of either president, with joe biden i did the people who support him, they are unaffected by any policy due to their wealth, status and profound separation from the real world? only they can endure the malaise, joe biden luxury belief among many as for black voters, let's make the obvious, it's not a black females but men horribly that party in the reason is when

9:35 pm

you're bin told he cannot achieve a success in america without us and giving it to you, that is insulting. of being a man and that party does not do you any favors unless you are identifying as a woman. there is no opportunity for you, a man does not want to be defined as a victim. no man wants to be part of a party that sees self defense, self-reliance or success as somehow false. >> jesse: additive is great timing or just great planning to but trump managed to create of these contrasts recently it like when joe was in europe, he is in dc. when joe is in hollywood, is it a black church in detroit it. it's kind of effective when you look at it and frame it like that. >> martha: anything to the trump campaign is a professional cairo berry organized. i think these things are intentional but i will tell you what, piercing exactly what we signed 2016 when trump spent time, he went to western wisconsin, western pennsylvania.

9:36 pm

when he got there people said nobody comes to, nobody ever campaigns here. did he win those areas? yes. this is an effort you started as president in 2016 when he tried to reach out to black voters and even during that campaign, he said what de have to lose? he used that line over and over again, he filed what democrats promise to the black community they have not delivered on for that community, and he said why don't you just give me a try because maybe i might be able to make things better. a god -- i had a host -- i had a guest today who work on the bernie sanders campaign, she was in a panic, i independent she said, amount even a big supporter of joe biden, what they have to do is get to these communities and opened the checkbooks and cut the tracks. is that what do you mean? she said to nonprofits, these organizations, any organization that he can get money into their hands, they need to work to get

9:37 pm

out to vote, which i thought was a very interesting comment! and clearly there's a lot of panic. you saw harry on a cnn, he said look, of joe biden was up with 80 points in this group, yes a 37-point advantage. he's our historic voters shifts happening. if they bear out in 2024, that will be the headline of the night. >> jesse: that is a dark underbelly of democratic politics. you cut the check, give them to grant, shower the money at the perfect time, then they turn out to vote. why don't you think this is happening this time? did they went out of money spending it on electric charges? >> judge jeanine: i know what the democrats spend their money on, i suspect a lot of us are being told that they spend their money on? oleh talk about that this election is really when you see trump at a black georgian is a joe all these celebrities, it's like the difference between it taking a vote for granted and earning a vote.

9:38 pm

so joe biden comes out and he says, if you don't vote for me, you ain't black? adult and trump goes to black george or to the black community and says this is what i will do for you and this is how i will help you in this is what i have done. than this is also about criminal justice, and the difference between joe biden and trump. joe biden was the one who pushed the crime control act of 1994 for the whole generation of blacks, predators, put them into prison, one trump, when he was president, he passed the first step act that allowed for the reduction in the sentencing as well as earning good credit, making that statutory, giving social security cards, drivers licenses, so the african-americans coming out of prison could get jobs. meanwhile, joe biden giving the illegals of the licenses in all the other staff? when trump needs money, and have to give his daughter in law laura trump credit, and it was

9:39 pm

somebody at this table that one said, well, what does she know about raising money? that are and see his killing it. so is laura trump. is the difference between trump raising $50 million at a dinner in a mall roll go because he is the entertainment end of joe biden having to bring in george clooney and julia roberts and barack obama and jack black? you know, what people want more than anything is the minority community to at least to be addressed and respected. and that is not being done by the democrats. >> harold: long time before the election, i think they will probably get at the black vote again we shell see. the main point is think is that you can't take voters for granted. rick ones enters the questions, why did you rob banks? that's where the money is, you go to hollywood that's where the money is, republicans, laura, i couldn't -- the code to a bunch

9:40 pm

of billionaires around the table and give trump great credit for being able to do that. does get closer to june 27 then think this is the thing that will really be the decisive factor, at least early in the campaign. this is the longest campaign we have ever seen, it seems that every day it keeps getting longer. june 27th will be one of those dates in many ways to figure out where these guys stand on cortical issues and your point grade, and could very well be if joe biden is not performing well june 27th, there will be louder voices in the democratic party saying maybe we need a different canada. but if he performs well, same thing could be set on the other side. probably not likely but at least it was joe biden and a stronger position's before you know what i took? obama never went to the hood? never went to the hood! we will leave it at that. coming up! that's what he said, not me. even of the new york times is

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♪ ♪ [ ♪♪ ] >> harold: shocking video from a town is san francisco shows a moment of about 20 mask robbers with tools and hammers ransacking a jewellery store, coming as the left-leaning columnist from the new york times sam's democratic leaders from turning deep stayed -- blue states like oregon into ms, writing "what how we liberals down to the west coast? ". greg, west coast, you talk about how things look different, how people behave differently, to hear nicholas kristof, these words, really had to be on for a lot of people. >> greg: it's interesting, if you live in a bubble where you only read the new york times,

9:46 pm

it's kind of shocking, we have been talking about this forever. the balances to be between left and right, republicans and democrats. liberals love their programs but they realize in order to pay for that stuff you have to have people experience running things, republicans do not have to like them, good cop, back,, mommy daddy works. now the balance because the democrats are not at the table, the fight is between the left and the hard left? the brakes have been caught on the car. there's nobody there, there's nobody there to stop this a decline in? all the republicans are asking from democrats is to let us help you. every city in trouble, the republicans going we live here, we just want to help, we can tell you how to fix this but no kind of these modern leftists believe that just letting the republicans at the table is somehow meeting with hitler? it's crazy. this is what you get, it's on

9:47 pm

you herald. >> harold: thank you. i was a democrat and supported the bill, jesse what are your thoughts? >> jesse: have a jeweler in california, when you guys came and smash and grab to, check the security cameras, blind spot. resets everything, fixes the store, next week, smash and grab? checks video cameras, second blind spot. finally why is it upright, gets all the blind spots monitored. is there to be general, smash and grab, checks out of the video camera kyrgios who he sees newsom! gavin newsom! just kidding? looks like a priest in a sexual heat from the seventies when that collar. [ laughter ] people you cannot trust harold, okay? blind chauffeurs. also, demo car politicians on the west coast. >> harold:

9:48 pm

[ laughter ] >> martha: eventually failure catches up with you, and as kristof writes in this piece, we walk by party saying housing as a human right young we are not housing anybody. we're not helping anybody get a house. because our initial conversation, this is why the minority votes is migrating because they're looking for results, they were promised things forever and they're not getting results. everybody's talking about these nice ideas and intentions but intentions do not put food on the table, they don't put a roof over your head and they ignored these problems for so long? eventually have to have a mission as a government which has to be provided services for people can provide security for people, it takes a while for people to notice and that's what's happening now. that's why you would see at swing in the new york, swings,'s on in california in the house in 2022. this shift is, accountability essentially. >> harold: judge what are your

9:49 pm

thoughts? a. >> judge jeanine: i thought the article was interesting, it gives credit to people with the best of intentions, i've always said, as greg mentioned, why don't you law-enforcement people were law enforcement experts to talk to you and you decided that no whale was something we need to make sure we have social justice, which the still haven't found. they're focused for intentions and our outcomes, when the outcome is and what their intention is, they blame it on not enough money. so the answers throw money at it, and the reason our intentions are not work out, we really wanted people to get off drugs so without giving them drugs and by decriminalizing drugs, it will get off drugs. no. with equity they said we want uneducated kids who have an equal opportunity, so what they did as they graduated them in as they are not doing as well because they did not learn what everybody else learned. in the end, they never thought about the outcome, it's

9:50 pm

just like anthony faucher saying our know what the results are of little kids having to wear masks. they don't care about the outcome, they just care whether audiology is. >> harold: the most important thing is that he is a have to analyse outcome and ensure they are measuring up to what you want. >> judge jeanine: thank you harold. >> harold: ahead, chuck schumer getting arrested after making a burger blunder is it! -- roasted happy memories just come easier on the water. our founder, johnny morris and his dad knew this first hand,

9:51 pm

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9:54 pm

[ ♪♪ ] >> greg: chuck schumer with his father's day picture he posted on x. showing his attempt of cooking a cheeseburger on a grill, slapping a piece of cheese on a roll patty? jesse, when you talk to your chef at home, how outrage was he? >> jesse: nothing makes sense about this, if you look at the burner knobs that are all off except the middle one, that makes no sense? the dogs are already clogged by the burgers are raw and this cheese on their? the whole thing is distracting! >> greg: i think a herald of the ongoing theory is he is trying to kill his family by getting them, serving them raw meat. >> harold: of nicholas kristof would say, he would say his intentions were good but the outcome -- a.

9:55 pm

>> martha: the outcome is lousy. >> judge jeanine: i have something to say. first of all, what is a democrat doing with a gas grill? >> martha: that's what i thought as well! >> judge jeanine: the parties looks like and number 3, cheese on meat is forbidden! especially cheese and on cooked meat? chuck schumer is a jewish. >> jesse: he is jewish? >> martha: shut up. [ laughter ] >> greg: why is it every time a politician tries to act like a normal american it shows how detached they are from being a normal american? >> martha: he says he lives in an apartment,'s daughter or his knees got an actual house outside of the city and the first time he's a grilled anything i think? >> greg: that's the second-worst -- >> martha: were these hamburgers that were premade because it's better to just take the ground beef and to make>> we machine there. gray. yeah. grea and give himthe the benefit of the doubt. >> no. one more thing it's a banefit od

9:56 pm

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10:00 pm

we are the weather experts. this could be a storm of epic proportions. for one is hurricane hq. it's time now for one more thing. and gregyou go, you go first to. 10 p.m.. oh, it's a good one. charlie. hear d emily sent guy bats in tears. that's tonight, 10 p.m.. >> you happy father's day to me and all the other fathers. they out there. my children gave me a spa daa d that's right. i got a gold plated facial mask. i puffed de puffin taters and a little bow. we had a great sunday. i love you all tonight at 8:00. that was a bow in your hair, apparently. >> yeah. did you get any golfing? yes. yeah, i didn't wear the bow out. sounds like a perfect father's day. how about goodt you? >> good day. great day. i grill and i put the cheese on right. >> that's it for us. have a great night, everybody. see you tomorrow. >> welcome to jesse watters. primetim

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