GREG GUTFELD: Biden and the Dems blather about pronouns, climate change and student loan giveaways (2024)



It’s not about the cause, it’s about the money: Greg Gutfeld

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld gives his take on the left’s gender ideology push on ‘Gutfeld!’

In this political season, you can tell what a party really stands for by what they prioritize come election time. And while Trump and the Republicans talk about cutting taxes, fixing the economy, fighting crime, stopping terrorists from waltzing into our country like they're on Dancing With the Stars, Joe Biden and the Dems blather about pronouns, climate change, student loan giveaways, and keeping the border as wide open as Joy Behar's mouth at SeaWorld. And those are issues most working Americans find about as practical as a Chuck Schumer cooking show. You want examples? Well, then go west, young man. But be careful you might come back as a woman.

A bill introduced in the California legislature would ban all schools from notifying parents if their kids decide to switch pronouns. Meaning, if a third-grader who's been forced to attend drag queens story hour in the school library, decides to change the most fundamental aspect of his being, the teachers would be breaking the law if they mentioned it to mom. Which would make for some funny jailhouse conversation. So, what are you in for? Well, I tried to keep an 11-year-old boy from having his schlong removed. It's the school system's version of Snitches Get Stitches, only it's a confused kid who ends up literally getting stitches. It's funny, when I was a kid, even if I missed a homework assignment, my parents heard about it.


Now, my parents wouldn't have a clue about my new gender until I came home with an armful of trophies from the girls' track meet. So the madness of this bill isn't just that it introduces sexuality to kids, it's that it keeps parents out of the mix. You know, we used to have a word for adults who talked sex with kids and said, "don't tell mom and dad"-- that word was pervert. And their place was in protective custody because even other inmates knew pedos were the lowest of the low. Now, those who say this will be our little secret are the school's administration.


Now, pervs don't have to drive slowly around grade schools looking for prey. They can just get a job at homeroom. It's worse in Nevada, where six school districts have been outed for doing this on the sly with the goal of keeping gender activism as tucked away as Dylan Mulvaney's penis. A group called Parents Defending Education found that the districts have policies that direct teachers to help kids change their names, pronouns, sexual identities without notifying the parents. It frames parents as the enemy who will harm their kids if they find out.


Why are they doing this? Well, that's the only way to indoctrinate kids. Cut the parents out so you can cut up the kid. But will they be there for the bad times when the kids end up hopelessly confused? Who's going to support them then? Not these a**holes. They destroy at the start, then leave you with the wreckage. And for what? Treating a phantom fad that's simply outgrown within five years. And that's according to research, not some purple-haired activist on TikTok.


Now, the reason these progressives fall into these twisted obsessions is because they're running out of causes to gripe about. Journalist John Tierney, writing in the City Journal, notes that after activist groups achieve their goals, they create new causes to justify their role. It's not about the cause, it's about the money. Take Biden's EPA. A congressional investigation just found that $50 million in grants for clean energy went to groups pushing for open borders. Windmills morphed into open borders because any cause will do. Just keep those donations and tax funds flowing.


It's why you see the same screamers at different protests. Hell, they should be selling programs at those protests like they do at basketball games. Get your programs here! You can't tell the protesters without a scorecard. But even libs are waking up.


In a recent New York Times piece, Nick Kristof writes, "Centrist voters can reasonably ask: why put liberals in charge nationally when the places where they have greatest control are plagued by homelessness, crime and dysfunction?" Well, Nick, you answered your own question. Why put liberals in charge since wherever they go, they have a knack for turning chicken salad into chicken s***?

Greg Gutfeld currently serves as host ofGutfeld!(weeknights, 11PM-12AM/ET) and co-host of cable news’ highest-rated program The Five(weekdays, 5-6PM/ET).

GREG GUTFELD: Biden and the Dems blather about pronouns, climate change and student loan giveaways (2024)
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