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What is the 2024 Recruitment schedule?

  • Monday, May 1 - Recruitment Registration Begins
  • Wednesday, July 24 - Sorority Recruitment Registration ends at midnight
  • Wednesday, July 24 - No refunds of the recruitment registration fee
  • Saturday, August 3 - Sorority recruits move into the residence hall from 8 am to 5 pm
  • Sunday, August 4 - Sorority recruits move into residence hall from 8 am to 5 pm
  • Sunday, August 4 - Sorority Recruitment Orientation, 4 pm, Trojan Center Theater
  • Monday, August 5 - Philanthropy Day
  • Tuesday, August 6 - Philanthropy Day
  • Wednesday, August 7 - Sisterhood Day
  • Thursday, August 8 - Sisterhood Day
  • Friday, August 9- Preference Day
  • Saturday, August 10 - Bid Day, 10 am
  • Saturday, August 10 - University Meal plan begins

These dates are subject to change. We will update those who have signed up for recruitment if any changes are made.

Where do I send recommendations?

A sorority letter of recommendation is a practice used by some of our sororities to provide an opportunity for potential new members to be introduced to a sorority. It highlights your accomplishments and experiences that show you will be an engaged member of a sorority and uphold the values and expectations of membership.

Sometimes women and their caregivers go to great lengths to procure letters of recommendation under the false assumption recommendations are mandatory for participation in recruitment. Sorority letters of recommendation are not required for participation in the recruitment process. There is a great deal of false information about recommendations that is perpetuated by rumors. Do not listen to rumors.

If you are asking an alumnae to write a recommendation, the BEST PRACTICE is for her to log in to her sorority national website to obtain a recommendation form. You can send alumnae the links provided below where alumnae may log in. If an alumnae does not feel comfortable logging in to a site, they can contact the sororities at the emails below. There is not a specific due date for recommendations, but it is helpful to have them in by Friday, July 28, 2023.

Alpha Delta Pi
Organization Recommendation Info:

Alpha Gamma Delta
Organization Recommendation Info:

Alpha Omicron Pi

Organization Recommendation Info:
(must be submitted online)

Chi Omega
Organization Recommendation Info:

Kappa Delta
Organization Recommendation Info: Alumnae must join the Kappa Delta membership portal to complete a recommendation.

Phi Mu
(does not accept recommendations)

Which NPC organizations are active at Troy University?

  • Alpha Delta Pi
  • Alpha Omicron Pi
  • Alpha Gamma Delta
  • Chi Omega
  • Kappa Delta
  • Phi Mu

What are the minimum GPA requirements?

The eligibility policy for recruitment is designed to help new students become academically oriented at the University before becoming involved in the sorority aspect of campus life. The Panhellenic Council's membership recruitment eligibility policy is a minimum requirement. Each sorority sets its academic standards for joining. The sorority women will carefully evaluate each individual's grades and high school activities going through recruitment when making membership decisions.

High school graduates must have a 2.2 overall GPA (on a 4.0 scale) & be accepted to Troy University. We will use the grades that you submitted when you were accepted to Troy University. You may do so if you wish to notify us of grade changes from the time you were accepted.

Upper-level students at Troy must have a 2.2 GPA average.

Transfer students must have a 2.2 overall average based on 12 hours; if a transfer student has fewer than 12 hours, her eligibility will be based on her high school grade point average.

What are my rights?

The Potential Member’s Bill of Rights was adopted unanimously at the 1989 NPC Biennial Conference.

  • The right to be treated as an individual
  • The right to be fully informed about the recruitment process.
  • The right to ask questions and receive accurate and objective answers from recruitment counselors and members
  • The right to be treated with respect. The right to be treated as a capable and mature person without being patronized.
  • The right to ask how and why and receive straight answers
  • The right to have and express opinions to recruitment counselors
  • The right to have inviolable confidentiality when sharing information with recruitment counselors
  • The right to make informed choices without undue pressure from others
  • The right to be fully informed about the binding agreements implicit in the preference card signing
  • The right to make one’s own choice and decision and accept full responsibility for the results of that decision
  • The right to have a positive, safe, and enriching recruitment and membership experience

What do I wear?

Please see our Online Guide to Sorority Recruitment on this page for pictures of what to wear during recruitment. We ask you to remember that August is hot, and you will be outside for portions of the day, so dress cool. Please remember to bring an umbrella just in case we have rainy days.

How much does membership cost?

We know that parents and their daughters have serious discussions about whether they can afford a sorority. Just as you need to be informed regarding the cost associated with a college education, you need to understand the financial obligation associated with sorority membership.

Each woman joining a sorority should be aware of the dues, fees and other expenses that are involved and should consider these when making financial plans to attend college. During formal recruitment, a potential member should ask sorority members about financial obligations and payment options. Each sorority sets its own fees and payment schedules.

As with other organizations, there are financial obligations to be met when you join a sorority. Some responsibilities are:

  • To pay the new member fee, house fee (if charged), initiation fee and purchase your pin. These fees are paid only once. The new member fee is paid at the time of pledging. The initiation fee and pin are paid for at the time of initiation, which is generally the fall semester. Housing fees are paid at different times, depending on the sorority.
  • To pay monthly dues on time.
  • To pay for optional services such as t-shirts and party pictures.
  • To discuss fully with parents or guardians your financial situation and arrive at a mutual understanding of financial requirements before pledging.

Please be aware that the cost of living in a sorority house is the same as living in the residence halls.

It may cost a little more the first year, but it will be your sorority for the rest of your years at TROY. It will become a circle of friends, a group to belong to for the rest of your life.


First Year One Time Membership Fees Average: $700.00
First Year One Time Membership Fees Range: $600.00 to $930.00

You may wonder why there is such an extensive range from $600.00 to $930.00. You will purchase a sorority pin/badge for initiation into the sorority. Each sorority has several pin/badge options to select from at varying prices. If you choose a more expensive pin/badge, then the cost will be higher.

Semester Dues Average: $700.00, around $140.00 per month
Semester Dues Range: $520.00 to $697.00

You may be wondering about the dues range. Some sororities will include the cost of everything (minus optional t-shirts) in their dues and will not charge anything extra. Some sororities do not include the cost of everything in their fees and will charge you for an event, such as a formal you select to go to.

What is a Pi Chi?

Recruitment week is a busy and fun-filled week. We have found that those of you who are going through recruitment in the fall need someone to help you throughout the week. Panhellenic has selected sorority women to take on this particular role.

These women are Pi Chis and have been carefully selected to assist you and answer all your questions. They have been specially trained for this particular role. The counselors are well-versed in university and Panhellenic procedures and policies. They can give information and advice on almost any aspect of sorority and campus life. For that week, they will not associate with their sorority; they will be there just for you. Helping you during the busy yet fun-filled days, explaining membership recruitment rules, suggesting what to wear for events, and assisting with any problems during the week are among the duties of a Pi Chi.

Most importantly, the Pi Chi will lead weekly small group meetings to explain the next day’s activities carefully. During these meetings, discuss any questions or problems with your Pi Chi. She will be a true friend to you.

What About Meals During Sorority Recruitment

The University Meal ticket program begins on Saturday, August 10, 2024. Dining Services is offering an optional meal ticket bundle for sorority recruitment that you may purchase. This will allow you one meal daily in the dining hall from Sunday, August 4, to Friday, August 9, 2024. The recruitment meal ticket is $57.00 plus tax, around $9.50 per meal. Most meals in the cafeteria run around $12.00 a meal if you pay for them outside of the meal ticket. An optional recruitment meal plan may be available for purchase. It is essential to purchase the plan using the student's name and billing information so we can quickly identify who the plan belongs to. We will post the link to buy in July.

Also, your recruitment group will be eating together one meal each day off campus; please be prepared to pay for this. We also recommend having snacks and drinks in your residence hall room during the week.

National Panhellenic Council | Troy University (2024)
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