'Below Deck' Season 7: Who Are the New Cast Members? (2024)

Although Below Deck Mediterranean fans are still drying their tears after the season finale (and no reunion), they can take heart. The new season of Below Deck debuts Monday, October 7 at 9/8 central on Bravo.

Fans are once again treated to Captain Lee Rosbach’s salty one-liners. Plus, chief stew, Kate Chastain returns. This will be Chastain’s sixth season of the show and Rosbach, who is the OG of the series, his seventh. Also, returning from season six is former deckhand Ashton Pienaar. Pienaar was promoted to bosun for season seven.

Like previous seasons, fans will meet an entirely new cast with the exception of the three returning crew members. So who is part of the new team and what is their past experience in yachting?

Simone Mashile

Job on Below Deck: Second stewardess

Mashile is from South Africa who is an experienced yachtie with a passion for education. She spent most of her childhood working hard in school, scoring an academic scholarship for both high school and college. She graduated from college with a degree in mathematics and started her career working in an office. But her free spirit and love of adventure nudged her away from her deck and into yachting.

She left South Africa and embarked upon a career in yachting. According to her bio, “She has since worked as a stewardess and sous chef in some of the most illustrious locations in the French Riviera, with clients ranging from fashion designers to football players. When she’s not on charter, you can find this fun-loving stew on the dance floorand incorporating her motto, ‘I am the master of my destiny, I am the captain of my soul,’ into every aspect of her life.”

Courtney Skippon

Job on Below Deck: Third stewardess

Skippon grew up in Canada and has always enjoyed being on the water. She attended business school in France and fell in love with the country. Although she loved living in France she knew after living there for a year she’d have to find work.

A friend happened to know Skippon was looking for a job and offered her the position of second stew on a yacht where she was employed. Although she wasn’t finished with business school, she took the job and performed service for 12 guests on a charters for an entire season. She ultimately returned to business school after the season ended, but went back to yachting.

Chef Kevin Dobson

Job on Below Deck: Chef

Below Deck welcomes a new chef who has had a passion for cooking since he was 12 while living in New Zealand. He started his culinary career as a teen when he enrolled in culinary school at age 14. He was a fast learner which allowed him to quickly move into large markets in Australia and the U.S.

Dobson is also a father, which is one reason why he made yachting his career after discovering the kind of money yachties can earn. According to his bio, “A passionate chef in the kitchen, Kevin has worked on some of the largest boats out of the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Pacific Islands. Currently based in Melbourne, Kevin flies home every chance he can to spend time with his daughter.”

Brian de Saint Pern

Job on Below Deck: Lead deckhand

According to his bio, de Saint Pern had a love of the water at a very young age while growing up in Bluff, South Africa. The coastal town provided him with a number of aquatic adventures so he always hoped to find a career that allowed him to join his love of the sea with his passion for travel.

He joined the yachting industry four years ago and has worked on charters in the Mediterranean. He is currently working toward becoming certified to become a First Mate/Officer and says he loves working in the yachting industry. Like Dobson, de Saint Pern is also a father. He has a five-year-old daughter, Micah.

Tanner Sterback

Job on Below Deck: Deckhand

Sterback is from Sayville, Long Island which is also the hometown of Below Deck Med alum, Colin Macy-O’Toole. Although he’s always had a love of the water he took the traditional route and graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh before moving to California. He worked as a lifeguard at the Coppola Winery but then realized he wanted to try yachting.

He took certification classes in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and quickly landed a job as a deckhand on private yachts. His experience is mainly working along the East Coast and in the Caribbean. He also has something in common with another Below Deck Med alum. Like chef Adam Glick, Sterback traveled across the country in his van with his dog (Tito).

Abbi Murphy

Job on Below Deck: Deckhand

Once again Below Deck includes a woman on the deck team. Murphy is originally from Plymouth, Massachusetts and ambitiously pursued a career as an attorney. “After putting herself through college as an independent student, and simultaneously working for the Governor of Massachusetts; she graduated with a perfect GPA, full scholarship to law school, and a job at a Boston law firm,” according to her bio.

So how did she end up in yachting? She took a celebratory Greek sailing vacation, which changed everything for her. When she returned to Boston, she quit her job and embarked upon a career in sailing. She returned to Greece, which is where she resides and works as a first mate on Atlantic 61’.

'Below Deck' Season 7: Who Are the New Cast Members? (2024)


'Below Deck' Season 7: Who Are the New Cast Members? ›

Chief Stew Fraser Olender and deckhand Ben Willoughby returned for the new season joined by a roster of fresh new faces including Chef Anthony Iracane, a French restaurateur from Miami who will hopefully heat up the galley, and captain Kerry Titheradge, who crossed over from Below Deck Adventure.

Who is the new Below Deck cast? ›

Chief Stew Fraser Olender and deckhand Ben Willoughby returned for the new season joined by a roster of fresh new faces including Chef Anthony Iracane, a French restaurateur from Miami who will hopefully heat up the galley, and captain Kerry Titheradge, who crossed over from Below Deck Adventure.

Who is the new deckhand on Below Deck season 7? ›

In the latest episode, Captain Sandy Yawn was seen informing the crew members that she had found Jason's replacement. The new deckhand of Below Deck Mediterranean season 7 is Reid Jenkins from Decatur, Alabama.

Who quits Season 7 Below Deck? ›

Kate Chastain quit after dealing with the mistreatment from the men and the toxic masculinity displayed by the deck crew. Below Deck season 7 was so full of problematic behavior that it may just be the worst installment in franchise history.

Who was the chef fired on Below Deck? ›

Chef Anthony Iracane broke his silence after he was fired from Below Deck Season 11. Captain Kerry Titheradge had to let the chef go when it became clear Anthony was spiraling. Below Deck, fans were unhappy with the crew change, especially as many felt Anthony didn't get the help he needed in the galley.

Why is Captain Lee leaving Below Deck? ›

Captain Lee Is 74 Years Old

While the former Below Deck star is in good shape for his age, he's just too old for the job. Besides Lee's health issues, he's way past the ideal retirement age of 68. Captain Lee deserves the time to relax and enjoy his life and is better off away from the drama and stress.

Who is the crew on Season 8 of Below Deck? ›

Find out what cast members Captain Sandy Yawn, Tumi Mhlongo, Jack Luby, Luka Brunton, Kyle Viljoen, Lara Du Preez, Jessika Asai, Max Salvador, Haleigh Gorman, and Lily Davison revealed by scrolling below. Plus, learn which familiar face returned for the final crew night out.

Who passed on Below Deck? ›

New details surrounding Below Deck Mediterranean star Captain Mark Howard's death are being revealed. According to the medical examiner report obtained by E! News on Dec. 13, Howard's cause of death is listed as hypertensive cardiovascular disease with chronic alcoholism listed as a contributory cause.

Who replaced Gabrielle on Below Deck? ›

Gabriela's replacement on Parsifal III

Fellow San Diego resident Scarlett Bentley is set to join the crew for the remainder of the charter season.

Who is the crew of Season 7 Below Deck? ›

Season 7: Valor

Kevin Dobson – Chef. Kate Chastain – Chief Stewardess. Simone Mashile – 2nd Stewardess. Courtney Skippon – 3rd Stewardess (ep 1–10), 2nd Stewardess (ep 11–18)

Why did Jason leave Below Deck season 7? ›

Does Jason Gaskell quit Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7? That's a question on Below Deck Med fans' minds after the past couple of episodes have made it clear Jason isn't happy with his working environment. The deckhand has struggled to bond with the rest of the crew, especially his deck team.

Who is the new bosun on Below Deck season 7? ›

While Storm joined the Below Deck Med season 7 team as a deckhand, he quickly got promoted to a bosun after Captain Sandy fired the second-ever female bosun, Raygan Tyler, for being unprofessional.

What happened to Kate in season 7 of Below Deck? ›

After getting fed up with the men, Kate quit and stormed off the boat. She returned the next day, but following season 7, Kate announced she was done with the yachting world and Below Deck. Seeing an iconic chief stew quit was disappointing, and the men were blamed for making the workplace unbearable.

Did Kate leave Below Deck because of Ashton? ›

She did so "because I've worked for Captain Lee for a long time, and I'm not gonna let Ashton's poor behavior ruin my reputation," Kate explained during the Below Deck Season 7 After Show. It looks like Ashton will find himself at odds with another crew member in an all-new episode of Below Deck on January 6 at 9/8c.

Who gets fired in season 7 of Below Deck Med? ›

During the August 8 episode of Below Deck Mediterranean, Captain Sandy Yawn let Raygan Tyler go following “complete chaos” during her tenure working on Home and said the “final straw was the docking” in the previous charter.

Who is the new chef on Below Deck 2024? ›

Following the “heartbreaking” departure of Anthony Iracane on Below Deck Season 11, the St. David crew officially welcomes their newest yacht mate, Chef Nick Tatlock.

Who is the new Below Deck with the new captain? ›

Who is Kerry Titheradge? The 48-year-old was born in Brisbane, Australia. He has replaced Lee Rosbach, the captain who has been on “Below Deck” since its 2013 debut. Titheradge's love for the ocean has taken him around the world to the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and the Pacific Northwest.

What is the next Below Deck 2024? ›

Season nine of hit reality TV Show Below Deck Mediterranean will return to screens on 3 June 2024 with Captain Sandy Yawn at the helm, marking her eighth consecutive season.

Who replaced Kate Chastain on Below Deck? ›

Francesca was introduced to Below Deck Season 8 as the chief stew who took over after Kate Chastain left the series.

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