Livvy Dunne-Baby Gronk meme, explained: Why 'rizzed up' LSU meeting became a TikTok trend | Sporting News Canada (2024)

The internet as we know it today was released to the public on April 30, 1993. It was designed to share information and make news, weather and expertise on various subjects more accessible.

This crazy idea was meant to connect people, cultures and families around the world. And it's important to keep that in mind as we travel into its current iteration 30 years later.

Fast forward to current times: there are debates about misinformation, speed over accuracy when reporting the news, and free speech, all fueled by plenty of angry people . So when something like "Livvy" or "rizz" is trending, you take a quick peek behind the curtain — and typically never in public because you just don't know what will pop up.

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That brings us to today's session — and more evidence of why people have too much time on their hands: Livvy Dunne rizzed up Baby Gronk.

If you're wondering what that means and how it's connected, you're not alone. There isn't a lot that has been left unsaid in history, but there's a good chance those words haven't been used together prior to this moment. Get out your search engine of choice — a physical dictionary won't suffice in this case — and let's learn, together.

The Sporting News puts on its Gen Z hat and aims to translate the latest weird internet story.

What is the Livvy Dunne-Baby Gronk meme?

Ask and you shall receive. Here's the basis of the Dunne-Baby Gronk meme, which made its rounds on Twitter:

this video is making me feel schizophrenic

— co*ck sportello (@BenShh1) June 6, 2023

The video on Twitter wasn't the beginning of the story, however. That dates to March 15, when Baby Gronk posted the exchange with LSU gymnast and fellow influence Olivia "Livvy" Dunne on his YouTube channel.

He was at LSU on a visit for a spot on the Tigers' football roster — in the distant future. Baby Gronk, who wears a chain that displays his nickname, has gone viral countless times for being a young football star.

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He has even received the full recruit treatment by LSU.


— BABY GRONK (@BabyGronk5) June 9, 2022

The meeting between TikTok stars naturally drew the attention of many, but for our purposes it was just a casual meet-and-greet. Of course, the internet wasn't satisfied with leaving it there, which brings us to the "rizz" portion of today's program.

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'Rizzed up' meaning

Class is now in session.

Unless you spend countless hours on social media or inside the food court at the local mall, then you're probably in the same boat as us. After a little digging, and with the help of Gen Z's tendencies, we discover that "rizz" or "rizzed up" simply is short for charisma.

Think of it as the latest innovation in text talk. The ability to say as little as possible — in this case, typing four letters instead of eight — is worth it to save time.

The term was introduced by YouTube and Twitch streamer Kai Cenat. According to Seventeen, the teen magazine, "When someone has rizz, it means that they're charming or a smooth-talker — especially while flirting."

Cenat essentially confirmed that on TikTok.

@dailycenat What Rizz Really Means😂 #kaicenat #kaimafia #kaicenattv #kaicenatclips #amp #rizz ♬ original sound - Kai Cenat

Now you should be able to use it in a sentence.

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Who is Baby Gronk?

Madden San Miguel, aka Baby Gronk, is an internet star who is no stranger to going viral. The Texas youth football player is doing college visits for his future commitment, and he hasn't even graduated elementary school.

The fourth grader has an eye toward the NFL while book reports are still a thing and algebra is something he'll have to tackle in the future.

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He has surpassed 700,000 followers on all platforms, and yes, he was named after the video game. The nickname "Baby Gronk" was born after he couldn't be tackled at recess while playing football — he was carrying everyone on his back.

It's hard to say whether Baby Gronk has a chance to make it in the NFL someday, especially with the Class of 2031 being so far away from graduating. Until that time, everyone will have to know his name thanks to the countless highlights on social media. Baby Gronk takes NO prisoners 😳 (via @maddensanmiguel) #football #kid #youth #gronk #viral ♬ original sound - The MMQB

Madden won't be on the cover of Madden anytime soon, but keep dreaming and keep those grades up, kid — it might just be a possibility.

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How old is Baby Gronk?

Baby Gronk is 10 years old. That means he has a fairly long road to navigate before worrying about college commitments and national championships at LSU. It remains to be seen whether he'll still be playing football by the time he reaches eligibility.

For now, let Baby Gronk worry about his next Happy Meal choice and how much time he'll have to watch TV before going to bed.

If he makes it to LSU, then we'll always have this wild TikTok moment to look back on.

Livvy Dunne-Baby Gronk meme, explained: Why 'rizzed up' LSU meeting became a TikTok trend | Sporting News Canada (2024)
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